Undercover.co.id – Game and Entertainment Applications With this app growth report marketers can target and retain high-value users for various app categories in the app economy .

Adjust is a global app marketing platform, published its second mobile app growth report in partnership with Facebook.

Mapping app growth and retention trends in 2020, this report shows that the app economy remains extremely resilient, with the APAC, MENA and South America regions experiencing the highest growth.

Games are the fastest growing app category in the world, Argentina leads the way in this, while India tops the list as the fastest growing region.

“Mobile marketers now increasingly need a roadmap to identify the right user, at the right location, at the right time in the user’s journey,” said Andrey Kazakov, Chief Operations Officer of Adjust. “With Adjust’s data, coupled with Facebook information about user preferences and actions, marketers can target and retain high-value users.”

Game and Entertainment Applications

The main points about the application categories and regions that stand out are:

Gaming apps excel at global level: Following the findings in last year’s SelalerAdjust App Trends report, gaming apps are the top-ranked category this year. This can be achieved by using innovative business models such as hypercasual games, games that can be played immediately and designed with simple and satisfying mechanics.

Latin America dominates the gaming category, increasing accessibility and growing urban population are driving rapid mobile development. Three of the top five countries for the game category came from Latin America and Argentina took the lead. Vietnam, Brazil, China and Mexico also rank in the top five.

Game and Entertainment Applications
Game and Entertainment Applications

India has the fastest growth rate, with cellular penetration constantly increasing. Education is the application category with the fastest growth rate, and the Entertainment category needs to be monitored because competition will be tighter with the Over The Top (OTT) streaming and media applications .

Entertainment applications are growing rapidly, and subscriptions need to be monitored. According to research by Adjust, about 80% of the 225 most popular apps on the Google Play Store and 50% of the 225 most popular apps on the App Store are subscription based.

Korea and Vietnam are in the top ranks for e-commerce , as the two fastest growing countries for mobile-first commerce . In particular, the Vietnamese app still has a lot of room to expand, taking advantage of a market of enthusiastic consumers who haven’t yet made it to reach. China, Egypt and Colombia also perform strongly in the ecommerce sector .

Armed with this information, marketers can now design effective strategies in the most appropriate countries to develop their applications successfully. More importantly, marketers can create a hyper targeted and personalized user experience .

“Mobile apps are a global business. It’s easy to get started with because of the low barriers to entry, but it’s also easy to fail if you don’t understand the market and users well, ”said Bryan Wang, Marketing Director for Science, Greater China & Gaming at Facebook.

“The data and insights in the Mobile App Growth Report can assist app advertisers in identifying strategies for entering new markets and crafting effective tactics for success.”

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